How We Got Started...

KAMEL SPIDERS LLC is located in northern Virginia.  We provide quality captive bred arachnids and handpicked wild caught specimens to keep the genes new and pure.  We have ground breaking breeding projects to promote captive bred species for the hobby at wholesale and for retail.  We currently have 40 different species of Tarantulas breeding and over 70 species being sold retail in the Mid-Atlantic area.  We typically keep 1000-2000 tarantulas in stock at all times.  We strive to make available all the most popular and rarest species on the market today.  We also offer high end geckos and custom enclosures.

Alfie Kamel has worked with exotic animals for years; both at the Luray Zoo and for exotic pet importers.  Alfie has owned and rescued exotics his entire life.  His partner, Amanda Smasil, is equally passionate about animals and focuses on the gecko breeding projects. 

KAMEL SPIDERS LLC was founded by Alfie Kamel in June of 2014 initially as a hobby but as his popularity grew it quickly became a business.

KAMEL SPIDERS LLC has achieved the following milestones:

  • Became an LLC - including exotic dealer permits. Licensed to operate as both a wholesaler and retailer

  • Produced 15 different species within the first year of operation

  • Produced the first US bred chilobrachys sp “Aladdin”

  • Featured in a news article in the Fauquier Times

  • Traveled all over the Mid-Atlantic vending at reptile expos

  • Established a reputation as a local expert on arachnids

  • Nominated for “Best Invert Breeder of The Year 2014