Exciting news from Kamel Spiders - We are now offering the ability to pre-order on the upcoming import!  This is a time sensitive opportunity. 

This is a great opportunity to order rare species that aren’t typically available in the United States. We are preparing to place an order with our supplier overseas.  You can take advantage of our import process and place an order off of our list.  We have organized the list of available species and something's are pre-discounted based off on what they would be sold for here in the US. Further discounts will be applied as followed: $300 spent 10% off, $500 spent 15% off.

We are very excited to be able to share this unique opportunity with our customers and are very grateful for your business.

How to order:

1.            Email list to Kamelspiders@gmail.com

2.            Pre-order deadline May 24, 2017

3.            Minimum Pre-order $200, due May 24, 2017 

4.            Shipping payment $45, due May 30,2017

5.            Import ships to the US June 6, 2017

6.            Import arrives June 8, 2017

7.            Pre-orders ship to customers June 13, 2017

Terms of Service

             We only use priority overnight shipping - $45 (Flat Rate)

             Minimum order: $200 (not including taxes or shipping)

             All orders can be made by Contacting Us

             Calls are answered Mon – Fri, 9am to 2:30pm (Eastern Time): 540-878-9727

             All orders made by 8PM (Eastern Time) Sun – Tues will be shipped the next day at 8AM.

             All transactions are final (no refunds except for cases of DOA)

             We cannot guarantee sexes since we have not sexed them ourselves

Live Arrival Guarantee (LAG):

             Mature males are not covered by LAG

             LAG – void without signature on first delivery attempt

             In case of DOA, proof must be shown with picture taken the day of arrival.

             Shipping payment is non-refundable

             Refund may be made with store credit (with next order)

             Paid refunds will be made within 45 days form delivery date

             KAMEL SPIDERS, LLC is not responsible for carrier/shipping delays

             We have the right to delay shipment due to reasons that are beyond our control (i.e. inclement weather, tarantula molting, etc.)